“This is going to be a stigma Indian retailers will

Still negotiating the Indian Terrain

Today’s fashion is all about mix and match and Indian Terrain fits in snugly replica louis vuitton bags in this world, says Amitabh Suri, the apparel brand’s Senior Vice President.

Indian Terrain may be positioned as a “mid premium” menswear brand, but doesn’t mind wooing the consumers of luxury too. Yes, this is possible in a mix and match world, insists Suri.

“Your watch could be a Mont Blanc and luggage a Louis Vuitton. But the cotton shirt to work could easily be an Indian Terrain. Because you will look like an absolute idiot if you were dressed top to bottom in luxury brands,” cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk he says.

The “smart casuals” brand says it does not believe in dictating what to wear. “Indian Terrain offers fashionable khakis and coloured T shirts and preppy, checked shirts. Our T shirts could go well with our jackets aaa replica designer handbags , khakis or the five pocket cargos. We have got everything out here in our stores for men to put together.”

If mix replica louis vuitton bags from china and match is replica louis vuitton what Indian Terrain’s brand philosophy is, it unfortunately has not been articulated clearly, say analysts.

Chennai based Indian Terrain was started in 2000 with high quality designer replica handbags a fair amount of fanfare as a value brand offering Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags unique fashion. Initially, there was a lot of traction and visibility as it brought a certain quality to aaa replica designer handbags a market that housed several clones and wannabes. (Indian Terrain tailors most of its clothes in house www.dolabuy.su , at its factories in Chennai.) But somehow it lost its way in the years to come, say observers.

When Indian Terrain was hived off from its exporter parent Celebrity Fashions in 2010, it gave the brand enough freedom to create its own unique space. But it has not cashed in on this adequately.

Says Raghu Viswanath of Vertebrand Management Consulting: “The brand has good products which are quite different from what most other brands and stores offer. But this alone won’t suffice. The brand needs to revisit its positioning. It needs to do some serious soul searching and come out with a comprehensive, unique value proposition.”

Suri explains: “We have been working on our positioning the last 18 months. But we have not communicated enough. Again, no apparel brand is spending money on active, conventional media. We are working on social media to change the way the brand is perceived.”

For long, the brand was considered South centric with many of its flagship stores in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. In the last few years, Indian Terrain has been working hard to shrug off that southern image by opening large stores in Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai and Pune. Indian Terrain supplies 750 counters, of which over 200 are in the South.

With 86 exclusive brand outlets and a presence in 127 departmental stores, the brand slowly is expanding its distribution network.

“In the last couple of years, the apparel industry had gone down. We took it as an opportunity to grow. We opened a lot of stores and expanded our distribution network.”

Last year, the brand opened 25 stores, 20 the year earlier. In 2013 14, it plans to add 10 15 stores.

At a wholesale turnover of Rs 160 crore, the brand story has probably just begun in some sense. By the end of 2013 14, it is looking at Rs 200 crore. “That will be a substantial achievement, after clocking Rs 100 crore three and a half years ago,” says Suri.

Why does it take long for Indian apparel brands to achieve a significant turnover? “Well, it is very easy for brands to make it to Rs 50 crore. The journey from Rs 50 crore to Rs 100 crore is tough. 100 150 is easy. Again, 150 300 is tough. We don’t know why it is like this,” admits Suri.

In terms of replica designer handbags brand extensions too, Indian Terrain has taken a tepid approach. Five years ago, it got into womenswear but failed, and was done away with in just two years. “Womenswear doesn’t come naturally to us. Womenswear in India is a mix and match, salwar kurta dupatta, fusion market. Probably, we were too ahead in our fashion sensibilities; we had given too much too soon.”

Having a small management team was not enough to sustain this line.

A women’s line may not be on the cards now, but Indian Terrain has entered the accessories business with socks and boxers. Shoes and belts are planned for later.

The brand, which is primarily targeted at the 35 40 year olds, is also working on a denim sub brand for next year, to appeal more to younger people. “If you become a jeans retailer, you can remove the age barrier fast,” Suri says.

But this is not something that will be easy to crack. The brand had, in fact, experimented with a ‘Made in America’ line last year, by sourcing from mills in Guatemala. This didn’t take off and was pulled out soon. “The mistake we made was that this line didn’t have a separate identity. We are looking to learn from this experience.”

The brand also wants to revive khakis in a big way. While shirts are still the brand’s best sellers, khakis are slowly proving to be the dark horse, says Suri.

The new kid on the block online retail excites Indian Terrain. Currently, it supplies to fashion retailers such as Myntra cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk , Jabong and Flipkart. The last five fake louis bag months alone yielded business online of Rs 5 crore. “Bookings are already on for the next season. A lot of people are buying online in places where Indian Terrain does fake louis bag not have exclusive stores.”

Even as it tries to explore new avenues and correct Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica old mistakes, the brand will be hoping the market revives soon.

Cotton prices are high and consumers still need to be coaxed into coming to the shops. Having taken a conscious decision to not indulge in too much discounting or hike prices this year, the journey ahead surely looks challenging for Indian Terrain, especially as it tries to woo new customers.

“What is helping us is that our stores are in key locations in high streets and malls. Only 6 7 of our flagship stores are off the market (not in mainstream locations). Last year, we saw a 40 per cent rise in new customers.”

The flip side to being in prime locations is the steep rentals. “This is going to be a stigma Indian retailers will carry to the grave. But then, there is no choice. If you don’t move in, somebody else will occupy it,” says Suri.

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